Metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy

The average metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy after diagnoses is around four and a half months. This is prolonged after one has undergone chemotherapy to around six months. However every individual is different from the other and thus have different responses to treatment.

A pancreas is an organ involved in the release of enzymes used in the digestive system. It is also involved in the secretion of hormones insulin, glucagon and somatostatin. Metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy is quite low. Because of this reason so many resources are being used in researches that are trying to increase the survival rates of patients with such cancers.

Metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy in USA

Metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancyMetastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy year is around 20% and survival for five years is around 4%. These figures are according to the American cancer society. One of the reasons for the low survival rates is thought to be because of the difficulty in taking tests for it. The tests taken are known as the pancreatic function tests. Such tests involved the assumption of symptoms of pancreatic cancers. Such assumptions may be made but in the end be found to be as a result of other problems in the pancreas. Thus it takes longer to be detected. The other reason is that even after detection it not easy to treat it through surgical methods.

This is because most of the pancreatic cancers are metastatic and only around 10% of them are situated in the pancreas. The cancerous pancreatic tumors do produce hormones whereas the dormant ones do not. Pancreatic tumors grow at a very slow rate when compared to other tumors.

The cancerous tumors are of many types one of these types is the insulinoma. This is one that produces insulin and thus leads to hypoglycemia. The patient can thus go into a comma as a result of low energy in the body. The other form is known for the production of extra gastrin and is known as gastrinoma. The gastrin leads to the increment of enzymes and acid. This in the end causes peptic ulcers. The other type is the glucagonoma, this tumor leads to sudden increase in sugar levels.

The last type is known as viopma. This is a tumor that is responsible for the production of vasoactive intestinal peptide. The symptoms of the pancreatic type of cancer include weight loss, back pain, and jaundice. Such cancers are cured through the surgical treatment mode. The treatment can be made better through the chemotherapy. This is because with chemotherapy the chances of relapse of the disease are lowered. With chemotherapy the metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy can be increased.

There are many organizations that have been formed. These organizations have their main aim as availing information to patients who have cancer. They also provide support to the patients and their loved ones. In patients who are obese the metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy is further lowered. Such patients die faster.

However in smokers metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy is higher and this is contrary to the expectations of many. The explanation this is thought to be because of the benefits the smokers get from the hidden plant nutrients. Scientists are doing all they can to increase the metastatic pancreatic cancer life expectancy and they are also encouraging patients to participate in the clinical trials of the drugs.

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