Pancreatic cancer life expectancy

The latest studies of pancreatic cancer life expectancy show:

The cases of cancer infections have increased recently at an alarming rate which has made cancer the deadliest disease. Cancer affects almost all organs of the body and pancreas is not an exemption. Most of the cancer infections are curable when detected in their early stages. However very few people are able to detect cancer because nobody thinks they are at risk of cancer and when the go to hospital, it is always unfortunate to them as cancer has already gone beyond curable levels and this explains why we have so many cancer deaths. Pancreatic like other cancer infections is curable but its very difficult to detect because it doesn’t exhibit signs and symptoms. According to 2005 National Cancer Institute statistics, the survival rate of those struck by this infection is 5.5%. This is shocking news. By the time one realizes that he has pancreatic cancer, it is always at advanced level and the only thing that can be done is chemotherapy, radiation and targeted drug therapy. There are several factors that have been found to increase the prevalence of pancreatic cancer.These factors includes: smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, race, age and family history.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancyWhen one is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer life expectancy is spelled as just a few years. Statistics shows that about twenty percent of all patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive one year after they are diagnosed. Although it is very hard to detect pancreatic cancer in its initial stages, those who are diagnosed early, 21 to 37% of them live to see their five years anniversary. Around 5 percent of all the people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will live beyond 5 years after diagnosis. The number of years on will live will be determine by the size of the tumor and the more the tumor grows the less the number of days one is left with.

Pancreatic cancer is the forth deadliest form of cancer. So many succumb to it due to the difficulty in early detection. This can be attributed to the reason that pancreas is so hidden in the body and becomes visible when there is a tumor. This gives this infection time to grow and spread to other parts of the body. Another reason has to do with the speed with which it is spread to other parts of the body. Pancreas also produce hormones that aides in digestion. When it gets infected it affects the overall digestion process making the body weaker and weaker after just a very few days. Pancreatic cancer also affects some regions of the body that are very hard to be remove for example lymph nodes and blood vessels.

Researchers are always busy trying to come up with a remedy to pancreatic cancer. However nothing substantial has been achieved so far. The methods applied today e.g. surgery and chemotherapy have provided poor results compared to the results they yield with other forms of cancer. People can only live with hope that soon the doctors will be able to employ the use of DNA to help detect this disease in its early stages.If this will happen, it will help to control the spread of this infection to other parts of the body. This can help to increase the chances of the patients pancreatic cancer life expectancy very highly.

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