Pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy

The pancreas is one of the organs located inside of the human’s abdomen. More precisely, it is positioned sitting on the spine just above the level of belly button. The pancreas has two major functions. The first one is to produce and supply the human’s body with a hormone called insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is in charge of regulating the blood sugar levels (many people are suffering from illnesses related to that problem). The second major task of this organ is to produce enzymes which then help in the process of breaking proteins down. The organ is placed next to many other important organs and there are also many important nerves and blood vessels around the pancreas. The most serious illness of this organ is cancer. In this article we will be talking about pancreas cancer, chemotherapy and pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy: Important facts

Before we talk about pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy, let us review some facts about pancreatic cancer. Most of the patients who are suffering from pancreatic cancer are diagnosed with adenocarcinomas. Only a small percentage of people diagnosed with this type of cancer have risk factors which are identifiable. One of the worst facts about this cancer type is that it is highly lethal and it is also hard to notice and diagnose. Typically, the diagnosis is often set very late in the course of the illness and this is bad news for the treatment plan. Some of the symptoms may include back pain, weight loss and jaundice. The only possible path of treatment is to remove the cancer through surgery. Once the cancer is removed, the patients are sent to chemotherapy.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy: Surgery and treatment

Naturally, pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy is improved, as chemotherapy can lower the possibility of cancer returning. This is not to say that it can’t return, but the chances of surviving are certainly bigger after the chemotherapy treatment. This is particularly the case for the patients that were diagnosed with a metastatic pancreatic cancer, as they can drastically extend their expected life span and additionally improve the quality of their lives. Furthermore, patients who suffer from pancreatic cancer are regularly sent to clinical trials because it is believed that this can additionally influence the treatment of this cancer type.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy: Life after surgery

As we learned, pancreatic cancer life expectancy with chemotherapy can only be higher compared to the pancreatic cancer that doesn’t receive chemotherapy. There are many organizations, both civil and governmental, which can help you and your family go through those events. Hopefully, the treatment will be successful and the patient will have long and happy life. There are also many support groups and organizations which are specialized in helping people that went through that experience. Furthermore, once you are done with the treatment, there is no reason not to enjoy normal life. You may naturally not be your old self, but you can certainly enjoy most activities as the rest of the people, such as having kids or taking care of grandchildren.

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