Pancreatic cancer life expectancy

Pancreatic cancer is created inside the tissue of the pancreas, an organ situated in the abdominal cavity (the lower part of your stomach). The role of the pancreas is to secrete enzymes which aid the process of digestion and to produce hormones which are responsible for the regulation of the sugar metabolism. The thing about pancreatic cancer is that the prognosis is always uncertain, even when it is discovered in its earliest stage. It is a form of cancer that has tendency of quickly spreading throughout the body, and it can be detected early in only 4% of the cases, which is one of the main culprits of its high death rate. Signs and symptoms usually do not appear until the cancer has reached a critical point (the cancer is in advanced stage and the condition is inoperable). Pancreatic cancer life expectancy varies from one person to another, and it depends on many factors, such as the stage of the cancer, the age of the patient diagnosed with the cancer and his or hers overall health condition. For instance, pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 3 is usually 1 year, and the death rate is devastating 98%.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy

Just like with almost every other disease, the reason behind pancreatic cancer is mainly vague and the final answer has been eluding the medical researches for more than 70 years now. The doctors say that there are some potentially vulnerable groups, like those who have type 2 diabetes, who smoke, are overweight as well as men in their 70s, but still there is no definite target groups. The pancreatic cancer life expectancy on the five year survival rate differs from one stage to another. The Stage IA is 14%, Stage IIA is 7%, Stage IIB is 5%, pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 3 (III) is 3%, and Stage IV is 1%.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy- how to beat the odds with traditional forms of treatment

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, then you must be reading a lot of literature and you usually have one thing in mind, finding the answer to this riddle: pancreatic cancer life expectancy. If you ask the doctors, they would tell you to skip these prognoses and to try to beat the odds by going with the traditional types of treatment. The pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 3 can be significantly increased by combination of the three main types of treatment: radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy- how to beat the odds with unconventional forms of treatment

When we are talking about unconventional forms of treatment, we are not suggesting the alternative ways in which the conventional medicine has been rejected and the patient tries to increases the pancreatic cancer life expectancy by consuming herb concoctions or by meditation. One way to significantly increase the pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 3 is by combining the traditional forms of treatment with complementary methods such as acupuncture or yoga, which can relieve the pain and reduce the stress.

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