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How Do You Get Pancreatic Cancer Has Many Answers

As pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the world, many people are asking the question, “How do you get pancreatic cancer?” Scientists have asked that question of themselves, because they still do not know exactly what will cause a particular person to develop it.

However, they do know that damage to DNA, or DNA mutations, can be handed down from our parents. These mutations can cause cells to grow out of control, forming a tumor. So, those of us that have a genetic predisposition to pancreatic cancer may be in trouble. Research has shown that hereditary factors are the cause of approximately ten percent of pancreatic cancers.

How Do You Get Pancreatic CancerWe can also damage our own DNA with our lifestyle or bad behaviors as we age. For instance, if we smoke cigarettes, which have carcinogens, the carcinogens may damage a cell in our pancreas that is associated with the cancer gene and cause tumors to form. So, smokers are at great risk for this type of cancer. As a matter of fact, smokers have twice the risk as non-smokers of getting it, and not smoking is one of the most important ways to prevent getting pancreatic cancer. Exposure to environmental chemicals, pesticides and poor diet may also cause gene mutations that can cause this cancer.

Studies on how do you get pancreatic cancer

Studies have shown that race plays a part in this cancer, as it is more common in African Americans than in whites.

People with diabetes are at great risk for pancreatic cancer. Studies have shown that there is a link between this type of cancer and diabetes. As a matter of fact, eighty percent of pancreatic cancers are found in people with abnormally high blood sugar levels. Therefore, the scientific community does believe that diabetes, especially adult onset diabetes, may be a cause of this cancer. However, while they are quite sure there is a link, they are not certain how the two are related.

If the pancreas is chronically inflamed, as in the case of gallstones or the heavy use of alcohol, it may cause cancer of the pancreas.

The most surprising answer to the question about how do you get pancreatic cancer, is that it can be caused by bad luck, such as when the cells make a mistake as they are dividing. Each time the cells divide they copy our DNA but if they make an error and damage a gene in one of the pancreas cells, it may become cancerous. Or, unfortunately, it can happen for no reason at all.

A lot of research into “How do you get pancreatic cancer” is ongoing in the scientific community. They are honing in on the DNA changes that cause cells in the pancreas to become cancerous. They are also closely studying the genetic changes that are not inherited, such as smoking, or chemicals, that are causing this cancer.

To summarize the answer to the question about how do you get pancreatic cancer, they are a family history of genetic syndromes or of the cancer, smoking, age, being African-American, chronic pancreas inflammation, and diabetes, which are all causative factors.

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The Causes of Pancreatic Cancer

There are many causes of pancreatic cancer. This cancer is among the most deadly types of cancers. In most cases the body is badly damaged by the time this cancer is diagnosed. Being relatively resistant to treatment pancreatic cancer is normally cured through surgery. It has been very challenging to treat this type of cancer even with the advance in modern medicine. Over 90% of people diagnose with this cancer die from it. This is why it is crucial to know the pancreatic cancer causes so that we can prevent it from developing in our bodies. These causes have been determined through the study of cancer biology and human population based studies. This cancer comes about as a result of DNA mutations by one or more of the risk factors discussed here. Some of the pancreatic cancer causes can be avoided while others can’t.

Causes of pancreatic cancerCigarette smoking doubles the risk of one acquiring pancreatic cancer. It is considered to be the leading cause of pancreatic cancer. Cigarette smoking is a preventable pancreatic cancer cause and it is really sad that in every five cases of pancreatic cancer, one is caused by cigarette smoking. Studies also show that anyone who quits smoking greatly reduces his/her chance of getting pancreatic cancer.

Inflammation of the pancreas for a long time( a condition known as chronic pancreatitis) is also among causes of pancreatic cancer. This must be treated early to prevent it from causing pancreatic cancer. In most cases, inflammation of the pancreas is due to excessive intake of alcohol.

The Causes Of Pancreatic Cancer

Being of the male gender is a risk factor as far as pancreatic cancer is concerned. This cancer is more common in men than in women with the ratio 1.3: 1. This may be attributed to the fact that men smoke cigarette and consume alcohol more compared to women.

Diabetes is regarded as a cause and symptom of pancreatic cancer. Diabetes that develops in adulthood increases the chances of one acquiring pancreatic cancer.

As it is the case with all most if not all types of cancer, the chance of you getting pancreatic cancer increases as your age increases. It is estimated that over 80% of cases of pancreatic cancer is reported from people between ages of 60 and 80. Hence old age can be considered as one among the causes of pancreatic cancer.

The genetics also play a big role in the development of pancreatic cancer. One is more likely to get this cancer if their family has some history with it. This is because a child can inherit cancer syndrome from the parents.

Other factors that are considered as causes of pancreatic cancer include obesity and diet. The risk of pancreatic cancer is significantly increased when one is obese. Diets high in cholesterol, meats and nitrosamines increase the chances of one getting pancreatic cancer. Fructose which is a sweetener in soft drinks causes abnormal growth of the cells of the pancreas. Fruits and vegetable on the other hand reduce the risk. Helicobacter pylori infection and gingivitis can also lead to the development of pancreatic cancer and therefore is told to be one of the causes of pancreatic cancer.


Causes of pancreatic cancer, symptoms and tests needed for diagnostics

There are a quite a few causes of pancreatic cancer. The pancreas is one of the organs in the abdomen which creates the digestive insulin, juices and other hormones. The juices will flow by ducts in to the intestine. Mostly the pancreatic cancer takes place in these ducts only. The danger of growing pancreatic cancer is similar for women and men. This type of cancer is known as silent disease since it is hard to identify and symptoms do not generally seen till cancer has developed for certain time. Causes of pancreatic cancer are because of uncontrolled development of abnormal cells. If these cells develop and form a lump of cells, that is known as tumor. If the pancreatic tumor cells break away and enter in to the lymphatic system, they have the ability to spread the cancer. This process is known as metastasis and the areas where it has developed are known as metastases. The reason for the growth of cancer cells is not identified still now, but the studies shows that people with some risk factors will have chances to grow pancreatic cancer than other people. The other reasons for the causes of pancreatic cancer are age. The risk of this type of cancer rises with the age.

Causes of pancreatic cancer

Causes of pancreatic cancerMost of the people who are above 60 are likely to occur. Another cause of pancreatic cancer is those who have chronic pancreatitis may have a risk of getting this pancreatic cancer. It is also common among the people who have diabetes. Smoking, obesity and family are also one of the causes of pancreatic cancer. The symptoms which are seen are loss of appetite, nausea, weakness and weight loss. The diagnosis of this cancer needs that the doctor performs a full physical test that includes with lab tests. The doctor will ask the patients about the family medical history and the patient’s personal history. Along with the normal test like temperature, blood pressure, he will also ask the patient to take various tests such as urine test, blood test and stool tests. He may ask the patient to have a upper gastrointestinal test. The patient will be asked to drink barium liquid prior x-rays of the upper digestive system test.

Pancreatic Cancer CausesThis solution will display the outline of the pancreas on the x-rays. The others test that are needed are x-ray of the blood vessels, CT scans the images will be created by the computer and it will offer a full cross division picture of the pancreas. The transabdominal ultrasound method avail an instrument which sends the high frequently waves and it will be passes on the abdomen. The waves form the images on the screen because they reflect off the pancreas. ERCP is one type of special x-ray test of the bile duct. The patient will be given sedation and one tube will be passed down the throat of the patient, by stomach and in to intestine. Biopsy is also another procedure for the doctor to check whether the cancer is present. Doctors will also determine by having tissue sample test and after finding, they will give medicines and if needed, the doctors will also suggest for surgery. Stay away from activity what causes of pancreatic cancer.

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