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Pancreatic Cancer In Women

Many people have always wondered what pancreatic cancer is, what the causes are and what the symptoms of pancreatic cancer in women are. According to scientists, pancreatic cancer is a situation that results when one’s DNA is damaged. DNA is normally inherited from parents and can be normal copy genes or mutant copy genes. The normal copy genes may sometimes get damaged then pair with the mutant copy genes resulting into cancer. Although a lot of research is still being carried on about the causes of pancreatic cancer, there are causes such as family history, stomach problems, diabetics, smoking, work exposure, obesity, gender, race and age. According to research, pancreatic cancer risk also increases with age. So what are some of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer in women?

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer in women

Pancreatic Cancer In WomenWomen always believe that they can only be attacked by ovarian cancer, uterine cancer or breast cancer. However, of late pancreatic cancer in women is increasing and it would be necessary to identify the symptoms early enough. It is also important to note that the symptoms will be more evident in the last stages of the infection. Weight loss which generally takes place over a period of time will normally be evident when the cancer has affected the head of the pancreas. Sometimes this is accompanied by abdominal pain. If these symptoms continue, jaundice will occur. On the other hand, when the tail of the pancreas or the body is affected, both abdominal pain and weight loss will occur. However, if the cancer affects the tail or body of the pancreas, the symptoms will be more as compared to when it attacks the head. The pancreatic cancer in women symptoms usually affects their general health. There will be a general loss of appetite and feelings of tiredness.

When the organs that are around the pancreas are affected, there will be more of gastro intestinal symptoms. As the tumor grows in size, most women will normally feel abdominal pain. Upper abdominal pain plus back pain which is usually a dull ache commonly appearing and disappearing will normally be associated with pancreatic cancer in women. In some cases pain is usually felt more with the increase in tumor. Another common symptom is bloating. An individual will be feeling full even after eating very little. This feeling causes a lot of discomfort. Diarrhea and Nausea are also major signs. Steatorrea is a situation whereby some fats appear in the stool throughout the illness. It normally occurs since the pancreas no longer releases the enzymes that digest fats.

Since the pancreas will not make enough insulin, the patient will finally be diabetic. Additionally the urine turns out to be more concentrated and have a more dark color while the stools lose their color and become paler. This is because barrier created by tumor in the common bile duct. The body of the patient may also feel itchy all over.

It is important to see a doctor when these symptoms are noticed so as to get early treatment otherwise it would be difficult to treat later and cause much more complications. Pancreatic cancer in women symptoms prevail more in women than men.

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