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Information On Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy Stage 4b

The pancreas is an organ we do not hear too much about. It is an organ that sits horizontally in the lower part of the stomach. Its function is release enzymes that help with digestion and also to produce insulin that help us metabolize sugar. The enzymes produced in the pancreas break proteins down into smaller parts so that they can be more readily absorbed by the body and used as energy. The pancreas is connected to the intestines through a series of tubes or ducts. Like any organ, it is possible that the tissue of the pancreas contracts cancerous cells. When that happens, the prognosis for the patient is generally not very high. It spread rapidly throughout the body and is not usually detected early on. By the time that symptoms start to set in and detection becomes more like, the cancer is usually too advanced and beyond the ability to be treated with surgery. Once it is caught, pancreatic cancer is classified according to four stages. Pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b is generally the lowest of these four stages.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b is the lowest

Patients with stage 1 or stage 2 pancreatic cancer can generally be treated with surgical procedures. In those cases, the doctors will perform a surgery to remove tumors or even remove the organ infected by cancer. By stage 3, the cancer is considered advanced and the ability to cure the cancer is significantly reduced. Local treatments to contain the spread of the cancer are still options, and chemotherapy is the most common of these treatments. By stage 4, chemotherapy is still an option but at that point the mission is not to cure the cancer but to extent life. Once it is discovered that a patient has reach that advanced stage, pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b is generally a matter of months.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b and further complications

One complication of stage 4 pancreatic cancer is that the disease has spread to other organs in the body. Usually the adjacent organs are infected first and in the worst cases it can spread even further. Patients in this are classified in two groups called A and B. In group A, the cancer is advanced but generally confined to local areas and nearby organs. In group B, the cancer is more advanced still and may be present in the lungs as well as other organs that are physically distant from the pancreas itself. For that reason, pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b is the lowest possible diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b and treatment

Both groups in stage 4 have treatment options, but the goals for the treatment vary. In group A the treatment options depend upon the condition of the patient but can extend the life of the patient for many months, if not years. Since pancreatic cancer life expectancy stage 4b is far lower, the goal is not about extending life expectancy but more about controlling the complications as well as any pain being caused. The causes of pancreatic cancer are still unknown, but for now the prognosis after diagnosis remains bleak.

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